Looney Tunes

The never to be forgotten creations of
Mel Blanc

In the 60 years since he first showed up, Bugs - that  wascally wabbit - has enjoyed great popularity, along with the other members of the WB "stable": engaging, zany, and just plain silly.

Looney Tunes, indeed!

So. . .do you have some favorites? Want to remind  yourself of some great laughs of the past? Well, here's  a database, just for Bugs: 

In that list, you'll also find Elmer Fudd, Witch Hazel,  Yosemite Sam, and - of course - the Tasmanian Devil. . .
Here's a site devoted to wishing Bugs a Happy Birthday:

Even the U.S. Postal Service got into the act, with postage stamps showing you-know-who:

Why, he's even front man - or rabbit - on a pinball  machine: http://www.arcadeobsession.com/bugs.html.

Looking for a great Loony Tunes art collection. Click on the banner below.

And here is the official Warner Brothers Looney Tunes Site, where you can see Bugs and all of your other favorite Looney cartoon characters do their thing. Streaming videos of cartoons are available here.

That's all for today, folks!

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