Interview from the International UFO Congress 2006

We apologize for this page being incomplete, the lost tapes from 2006 have been located and we expect to post these shows in an upcoming version of our new archives section for this conference. Thank you for your patience.

In this program, Jerry speaks with two people who exemplify the diverse nature of attendees of the Laughlin UFO Congress.

During the first half hour he talks with Michael J. Telstarr, mentalist, illusionist, and psychic. Michael conducts teaching seminars and travels the world giving demonstrations of his psychokinetic abilities, and he actually successfully breaks a wooden block using these talents right here on this show before a live audience.
In the second half-hour Jerry talks with, a long-time researcher into the higher self. She publishes a quarterly newsletter called, “Starcraft News” which deals with her communications from space people, and she also runs a consultation service, offering past-life regression therapy. She has regressed over 3000 people since 1975, allowing them to recall their past lives both Earth-bound and in other planetary systems. She feels that she was originally from Saturn. Dr. Francesca has many fascinating stories to tell and has definite ideas about where humanity is headed in the future. MP3 Running time: 1 hour, 05 minutes, 42 seconds
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