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Jerry admits to falling for the internet mumblings about Congress getting their full salary for life, evidently this is not the case. We intend at some future date as soon as we can sort it all out to boil it down to the true facts. As far as I know I have been the very first one challenged on the proposition that Congress gets full salary for life. It has made me realize that we never should take even a Ph.D. researcher who has been very high in educational circles for fifty years word, we should always fact-check; for this I apologize. However Below is the entire article as first placed on the Politics page as it is- The point of the article is very simple, fairness and opportunity, not what people make or get in retirement. I really don't care what they get as long as everyone has the opportunity to get similar benefits.

Jerry Pippin

Why Are These People Protesting?

by Jerry Pippin - October 12. 2011 (11:30 PM Eastern) I was listening to some pundits who are business reporters mainly but seem to lean toward the conservative because as one of them said, "I am doing better than ever, I am not sure what these people want?" I can answer that with words--"Fairness" and "opportunity." We have come to  a place where the top 1 percent have 40 per cent of the wealth in this country.  Just 25 years ago 33 per cent of the wealth was owned by the top 1 per cent. 25 years ago was not really a very good time for the average Joe when you compare the opportunity of assets of the country in the 50s and 60s.  

Let's put it in a way that you can understand it-  years ago the top 1% owned 33 percent of national wealth. 4 fifths of the population of the United States has only 7 per cent of the wealth. It really is astounding that several decades of watching the "rich and famous" has not boiled over into revolution earlier.

How much does the bottom 80% own? Only 7%.. Now before you say the top 1 percent earned it, look at the actual earnings, the top 1 percent earn 24 per cent of the national income. In 1976, this group was only 9 per cent of national income. The rich have done very well. Do you really think this 1 percent is smarter and more talented than the other 99 percent? No they have bought and paid their way to economic bliss. Let's look at our elected officials for a moment- They are saying that we just can't afford Social Security, Medicare, health care, job training, education to be supported by the national treasury. Maybe we can't afford them and this is why tens of thousands are supporting the protesters around the country.  

Presidential salaries- $450,000 for life-- that's right, they get to keep their salaries and how many of us who leave a job get to still get paid for LIFE?  Congress is not any better, Senate and House members get $174,000 for life, they don't have to do anything and they get this money forever until their last breath. Meanwhile you and me retire on Social Security and the average  income is about $12,000.  

Some of these conservatives who push "market forces" know the real truth, the market is only good for those who can afford to be in it. The Top half of all investment earnings are made by the top 1 per cent.  The population is bombarded everyday with the idea that stocks, bonds, mutual funds are the way to go, yet when the rich made it possible via lobbying to allow retirement income to go to the stock market, we have seen huge losses in retirement monthly income; yet the top 1 per cent seems to have done quite well even in a huge downturn.    

Being poor is one thing but being poor and in debt is another thing and that is exactly what has happened, The Top 1% of Americans Have Only 5% of the Nation's Personal Debt while the bottom 90 percent have 73 percent of all the debt in this country. The top 1 percent own more of the wealth since anytime before the Roaring 20s and actually more than even in the Great Depression.  

I know why the Wall Street Protest movement is growing, and if you read this and think about it, you will know too. What will be the result of all this? We will just have to wait and see. It really is up to you and me to demand "fairness" and "opportunity. 

#5) The Top 1% Are Taking In More off the Nation's Income Than at Any Other Time Since the 1920s: Not only are the wealthiest 1% of Americans taking home a tremendous portion of the national income, but their share of this income is greater than at any other time since the Great Depression, as the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.


Jerry E. Wilhite  1940- 2011
(10:30 Central Time- April 21, 2011)
 The loss of a friend and associate is never easy. But when that friend was a soul mate through thick and thin, good times and bad times for 60 plus years, it is especially rough. The call came from Jeff Mendoza, Jerry's step son. He was especially hard hit naturally but it struck me that this was the effect this life had on almost everyone, kin and no so kin, close and not so close, Wilhite was one of a kind. For some months now it was sometimes spoken but always unspoken, we both knew his life was coming to an end. Serious health problems had ravaged his body but his sense of humor and fair play, sophistication with a common touch was always there..even in these last times we spent together on the phone and on the computer.

He wrote some funny, some serious but always columns with the touch of the common man. Jerry had a good life at times, from humble beginnings here in Muskogee to a life that allowed him to run with millionaires and live the good life. He didn't always have it so good, he was like me a kindred spirit who somehow would fall into a cess pool but always come out smelling like a rose. He passed away in Washington State. He loved the west coast and his widow Helen was a California girl in every way but I think she was born in Massachusetts. At least his last few months were spent in a place he seemed to like very much, it wasn't his beloved California but it was close.
I met Jerry of all places at Calvary Baptist Church. His parents and my parents were devout Christians and dedicated Baptists. Well at least his mother was, Jerry worshipped his dad who died at any early age of a heart attack. I assume that is what finally got Jerry as well. He had been battling congestive heart failure, severediabetic symptoms and a few other ailments for years now. I felt like calling him yesterday but didn't as I was busy. Too bad I would liked to have had one last conversation with him on this Earth, he was always insightful and full of wisdom.
In Junior High and High School, we were almost inseparable. We had the same desires and love for competitive speech, writing, girls, baseball and neither of us were what would even be called middle income. We were pretty poor. That seemed to be one of the driving forces behind his later success in life. Don't get me wrong, we weren't wealthy but we were able to figure out how to run with the best and even though growing up in the 50s was full of class pitfalls, it never seemed to stop either of us. 
There are so many things about Wilhite and my life, but lets just say we were able to survive with a friendship that was much more than just high school buddies. Jerry Elmer Wilhite, known by many as JW, but I always knew him as Wilhite because both of us had the first name, Jerry. Jerry ended this life far away from the roots of theOklahoma Hills but he always felt fondness for this area even after he became a man of the world and saw sophisticated life styles around the world, he was still a Muskogee guy. We will miss him. Yea, Wilhite was my buddy til the end.   
CLICK HERE for selections of Jerry Wilhite's columns        

Reality Politics? Circular Politics? Insane Politics?

The middle has been circled by extremists
by Jerry Pippin 
02 April, 2011

I want to talk to you for a minute about what has consumed Washington D.C. the media and your local civics classes in high school and college. It is not a new term. I first heard it in an article by Ted Twietmeyer written for Jeff Rense dot com in 2004- But I was aware of it for some time, it is a term called  "circular politics" when the right becomes the left and the left becomes the right and I am not talking about the holy grail of compromise of meeting in the middle. To give you an idea, many years ago I was doing a local morning show here in my home town of Muskogee and Senator Tom Coburn would be on with me every Monday on his way to Washington. He was Congressman Coburn at that time. He was radical and always has been making the FUNDAMENTALIST in religion seem like he was the poster boy.  But we seemed to have something in common, many of the Bush ideas he did not really believe in, however he would somehow find a way to support these ideas with his vote. 

Basically we somehow would come out wanting certain things to pass and be law but for 180 degree opposite reasons. Coburn has positioned himself now to become thecompromise Republican candidate for President, I feel the job can be his if he wants it. He can bring back into the fold the loyalty of the right wing Christian vote, he can get the family value vote, after all he is a baby doctor, and his track record is amazing to me. He continues to win popular votes with the masses yet I do not understand how as many of his policies are directly in conflict with the population as a whole. But this commentary is not about Tom Coburn, he will get the spot light in the future as the politics of the right jell into something of an outcome that would make a Hollywood screenwriter proud. 
My commentary deals with the basics- how the population of 2011 is far far away from the politics of 1961- 50 years and you would not recognize America if you had been away on a starship and just come back home. The out foxing of the fox in Chicago started it, when JFK was able to grab the win and defeat Richard Nixon- it was amplified when the cabal or a group of interested people from rich oil conservatives such as H. L. Hunt in Dallas, a CIA that could see their future was in jeopardy from the new President, from the organized crime elements who had hoped to get that cash cow back in Havana from that bearded rascal Fidel and the newly formed cash cow for the members of the military industrial complex, that race to the moon with the USSR meant lots of money honey...and they were afraid this new President was going to desert the good ole boys for new upstarts such as General Dynamics, after all he just gave that company a very lucrative deal for a new fighter jet.
The perfect storm to get rid of JFK then built fast and we watched a series of events that began to change the political structure of America and indeed the social fabric of America- In the 80s into the 90s came a new way of thinking for Americans- Let's take just one thing, one element to make my point..It started in the 20th Century but by the end of the first decade of the 21st Century, the work had worked and psyche of America has been changed forever:
 'Reality' shows like "Cops" and other so-called 'law enforcement' programs, are aired to get you to accept uniformed door-kickers and learn that being slammed on the ground for a simple traffic infraction is a good thing. Few people noticed the change from 'peace officers' to 'law enforcement', with emphasis on the word 'enforcement.' 
Law takes a back seat when the clubs, mace, green lasers, sticky foam, stun guns, pry bars, night sticks and battering rams and other toys come out. The 'law enforcement' officers get a sudden case of amnesia. Yet we never hear about the dashboard cameras that suddenly for some unexpected reason, malfunction at just the right time.
There is a date that it all begin to mold, this new America as seen by and developed by the neo conservative mind- September 2001- All must be made to believe that the government is here to protect us from an artificial threat that they created (for our own good of course.) This is a good example of social engineering. Changes to society are done incrementally by the social engineers to protect them from public exposure, and the subsequent wrath which would follow. Problem - reaction - solution, an effective conditioning method for the masses has been used for decades. It certainly did not begin in Sept. 2001. No we had seen how it had worked in other societies in history, most recently in Nazi Germany of the 30s, a four-letter word for the populace to use and believe in.. F E A R..  
Fear has been overt and covert- covert as opposed to outright fear of being blown up by terrorists, the covert is the economy. used to his years past, when the economy tanked, most Americans knew by experience their job would return and soon they would be back to work. Now we see a change in the big picture, the big picture is pretty easy to see, those jobs have gone forever and if they come back at all they will not be worker-oriented with good pay, good hours, good benefits, they will be company oriented with getting the most out of each employee similar to plantation owners getting the most out of their slave labor. This is the real goal behind the efforts to put the wooden stake into the heart of Unionism- and Fear is the powers that be's weapons of choice.
The numbers have always been there, 22 million total watching any newscast from any source on any given day, gets sky high ratings for Football, baseball, millions cant wait for their next beer, millions more have their eye not on what is happening to them as a society but on that new pickup truck, and the economy and tight loan policies make people anxious because they want to be busy doing a remodeling job on their kitchen, getting a new car and keeping up with the Jones's and the like. So the cops are beating the hell out of someone down the street, so our soldiers are shooting poor people in some distant country for just being there , So they are putting those Muslims in jail without fair trials, just don't bother me with the details.
The politics of the circle has replaced right-left political thinking to a large degree, when you dissect what each side is saying they are saying many of the same things, yet we all know that reactionary political thinking can be dangerous, yes we saw in the last election it embraced enough to give that group the majority in the house of representatives and now we see the results of this, a huge shift to the power elite, with more tax breaks, government contracts and the like for those who have played the game and for those who didn't bother to vote, we see that they are are dropping further behind in real income and influence.
Was this a giant plan as many believe or just the natural outcome of refinement of political ideas by giving only the monied interests the bully pulpit because only they can afford the tariff to be heard on the air? So as we watch the politics of this week, next week and next year jell, I for one will not be surprised at any outcome.
Demons of the dark have come into the light and glorified by punsters ..hired whores..who do public relations, polling, punditry and the like. Is there anyone out there calling for enough already ... stop the profit taking... stop the greed...and let's get back to what is really important and that is the human condition- a better life for our kids, our future...or has this become too radical of an idea?          

Patriots - or Believers in a Police State?

By Jerry Pippin

On Valentine's Day, the Republican-dominated House of Representatives gave a gift of love, not for the average citizen of America, but for the security and defense complex that has made billions for their favorite corporations while making America a far less place for individual freedom. The extension of the Patriot Act was voted for December 8th of this year by the House, then the Senate came along and voted an extension the day after, but only to May 27th of this year.

My good friend and old broadcast buddy of many years, Scott "Scooter" Seagraves pretty well explains what happened to the American government - 
He sent me this: 
"I'd like to see a big sign in front of Cap Hill:   

Welcome to Comcast/FNC/SCOTUS

"Screw  you, Jack; I've got mine."
Official song:  
"He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune"

The Congressional record is clear, only 11 Democrats stood up for individual liberty. Rand Paul, a Tea Party favorite also opposed the extension. Makes you wonder where the other Tea Party types were that day? We simply put forth this idea- those who want to keep the Patriot Act do not deserve our support. The proposition is simple, if America is going to allow the erosion of "innocent until proven guilty"- "Torture suspects"- "Incarcerate without due process"- These men who vote to do just that need to be sent home because either they have not thought out the logical progression of the police state or they are truly for a ruling political class with perks and benefits that you and I will not ever have. Here is the record and it is not pretty :
11 Democrats and Rand Paul Voted against the extension, two Democrats did not vote- Kerry and Pryor. Those who deserve credit to standing up to oppose  government intrusion and deserve to keep their jobs are:
Baucus (D-MT)
Begich (D-AK)
Brown (D-OH)
Harkin (D-IA)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Lee (R-UT)
Merkley (D-OR)
Murray (D-WA)
Paul (R-KY)
Sanders (I-VT)
Tester (D-MT)
Udall (D-NM)
Here is a list of how they voted in the House as well- We urge you to make this a central issue in your support for your local congressman; in our opinion, there is no reason to have a police state in America but these votes show that many  believe this is what they want, do you really want to support these men who do not believe in individual freedom? 
In my opinion these are the only true Democrats, the rest are traitors to the creed of the party which was for the average working man and woman to give them liberty and freedom for ideas and always to be against the money and power interest that oppose the opportunity of the regular citizen to excel in work and day to day life. Most of our Democrats have lost their way due to money influences required to get elected. The real enemy here is the media as they could donate time to candidates but have elected rather to make them pay exceptionally high rates for simple advertising messages. Shame on the broadcasters of America and those who think it is just fine to make lots of money regardless of the consequences to truth and justice. Let's change America back to what it was supposed to be- a beacon of fairness and justice.
House Members Voting against Extending abusive Patriot act Powers: 

Justin amash (Republican-MI, District 3) -- Nay
Robert andrews (Democrat-NJ, District 1) -- Nay
Tammy Baldwin (Democrat-WI, District 2) -- Nay
Roscoe Bartlett (Republican-MD, District 6) -- Nay
Xavier Becerra (Democrat-Ca, District 31) -- Nay
Howard Berman (Democrat-Ca, District 28) -- Nay
Rob Bishop (Republican-UT, District 1) -- Nay
Earl Blumenauer (Democrat-OR, District 3) -- Nay
Robert Brady (Democrat-Pa, District 1) -- Nay
Bruce Braley (Democrat-Ia, District 1) -- Nay
Paul Broun (Republican-Ga, District 10) -- Nay
John Campbell (Republican-Ca, District 48) -- Nay
Lois Capps (Democrat-Ca, District 23) -- Nay
Michael Capuano (Democrat-Ma, District 8) -- Nay
andre Carson (Democrat-IN, District 7) -- Nay
Judy Chu (Democrat-Ca, District 32) -- Nay
David Cicilline (Democrat-RI, District 1) -- Nay
Hansen Clarke (Democrat-MI, District 13) -- Nay
William Clay (Democrat-MO, District 1) -- Nay
Emanuel Cleaver (Democrat-MO, District 5) -- Nay
James Clyburn (Democrat-SC, District 6) -- Nay
Steve Cohen (Democrat-TN, District 9) -- Nay
John Conyers (Democrat-MI, District 14) -- Nay
Jerry Costello (Democrat-IL, District 12) -- Nay
Joseph Crowley (Democrat-NY, District 7) -- Nay
Elijah Cummings (Democrat-MD, District 7) -- Nay
Danny Davis (Democrat-IL, District 7) -- Nay
Peter DeFazio (Democrat-OR, District 4) -- Nay
Diana DeGette (Democrat-CO, District 1) -- Nay
Rosa DeLauro (Democrat-CT, District 3) -- Nay
John Dingell (Democrat-MI, District 15) -- Nay
Lloyd Doggett (Democrat-TX, District 25) -- Nay
Michael Doyle (Democrat-Pa, District 14) -- Nay
John Duncan (Republican-TN, District 2) -- Nay
Donna Edwards (Democrat-MD, District 4) -- Nay
Keith Ellison (Democrat-MN, District 5) -- Nay
Eliot Engel (Democrat-NY, District 17) -- Nay
anna Eshoo (Democrat-Ca, District 14) -- Nay
Sam Farr (Democrat-Ca, District 17) -- Nay
Chaka Fattah (Democrat-Pa, District 2) -- Nay
Bob Filner (Democrat-Ca, District 51) -- Nay
Michael Fitzpatrick (Republican-Pa, District 8) -- Nay
Marcia Fudge (Democrat-OH, District 11) -- Nay
John Garamendi (Democrat-Ca, District 10) -- Nay
Chris Gibson (Republican-NY, District 20) -- Nay
Charles Gonzalez (Democrat-TX, District 20) -- Nay
Tom Graves (Republican-Ga, District 9) -- Nay
al Green (Democrat-TX, District 9) -- Nay
Gene Green (Democrat-TX, District 29) -- Nay
Raul Grijalva (Democrat-aZ, District 7) -- Nay
Luis Gutierrez (Democrat-IL, District 4) -- Nay
Colleen Hanabusa (Democrat-HI, District 1) -- Nay
Richard Hanna (Republican-NY, District 24) -- Nay
alcee Hastings (Democrat-FL, District 23) -- Nay
Dean Heller (Republican-NV, District 2) -- Nay
James Himes (Democrat-CT, District 4) -- Nay
Maurice Hinchey (Democrat-NY, District 22) -- Nay
Mazie Hirono (Democrat-HI, District 2) -- Nay
Rush Holt (Democrat-NJ, District 12) -- Nay
Michael Honda (Democrat-Ca, District 15) -- Nay
Randy Hultgren (Republican-IL, District 14) -- Nay
Jesse Jackson (Democrat-IL, District 2) -- Nay
Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat-TX, District 18) -- Nay
Timothy Johnson (Republican-IL, District 15) -- Nay
Eddie Johnson (Democrat-TX, District 30) -- Nay
Walter Jones (Republican-NC, District 3) -- Nay
Marcy Kaptur (Democrat-OH, District 9) -- Nay
Tom McClintock (Republican-Ca, District 4) -- Nay
Betty McCollum (Democrat-MN, District 4) -- Nay
James McDermott (Democrat-Wa, District 7) -- Nay
James McGovern (Democrat-Ma, District 3) -- Nay
Gregory Meeks (Democrat-NY, District 6) -- Nay
Michael Michaud (Democrat-ME, District 2) -- Nay
George Miller (Democrat-Ca, District 7) -- Nay
Gwen Moore (Democrat-WI, District 4) -- Nay
James Moran (Democrat-Va, District 8) -- Nay
Jerrold Nadler (Democrat-NY, District 8) -- Nay
Grace Napolitano (Democrat-Ca, District 38) -- Nay
Richard Neal (Democrat-Ma, District 2) -- Nay
John Olver (Democrat-Ma, District 1) -- Nay
William Owens (Democrat-NY, District 23) -- Nay
Frank Pallone (Democrat-NJ, District 6) -- Nay
Edward Pastor (Democrat-aZ, District 4) -- Nay
Ron Paul (Republican-TX, District 14) -- Nay
Donald Payne (Democrat-NJ, District 10) -- Nay
Nancy Pelosi (Democrat-Ca, District 8) -- Nay
Chellie Pingree (Democrat-ME, District 1) -- Nay
Jared Polis (Democrat-CO, District 2) -- Nay
David Price (Democrat-NC, District 4) -- Nay
Charles Rangel (Democrat-NY, District 15) -- Nay
Dennis Rehberg (Republican-MT, District 0) -- Nay
Laura Richardson (Democrat-Ca, District 37) -- Nay
Cedric Richmond (Democrat-La, District 2) -- Nay
Phil Roe (Republican-TN, District 1) -- Nay
Dana Rohrabacher (Republican-Ca, District 46) -- Nay
Lucille Roybal-allard (Democrat-Ca, District 34) -- Nay
Timothy Ryan (Democrat-OH, District 17) -- Nay
Linda Sanchez (Democrat-Ca, District 39) -- Nay
Loretta Sanchez (Democrat-Ca, District 47) -- Nay
John Sarbanes (Democrat-MD, District 3) -- Nay
Janice Schakowsky (Democrat-IL, District 9) -- Nay
Bobby Schilling (Republican-IL, District 17) -- Nay
Kurt Schrader (Democrat-OR, District 5) -- Nay
David Schweikert (Republican-aZ, District 5) -- Nay
Robert Scott (Democrat-Va, District 3) -- Nay
Jose Serrano (Democrat-NY, District 16) -- Nay
Brad Sherman (Democrat-Ca, District 27) -- Nay
Louise Slaughter (Democrat-NY, District 28) -- Nay
Jackie Speier (Democrat-Ca, District 12) -- Nay
Pete Stark (Democrat-Ca, District 13) -- Nay
Betty Sutton (Democrat-OH, District 13) -- Nay
Mike Thompson (Democrat-Ca, District 1) -- Nay
Bennie Thompson (Democrat-MS, District 2) -- Nay
Paul Tonko (Democrat-NY, District 21) -- Nay
Edolphus Towns (Democrat-NY, District 10) -- Nay
Nydia Velazquez (Democrat-NY, District 12) -- Nay
Peter Visclosky (Democrat-IN, District 1) -- Nay
Timothy Walz (Democrat-MN, District 1) -- Nay
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Democrat-FL, District 20) -- Nay
Maxine Waters (Democrat-Ca, District 35) -- Nay
Melvin Watt (Democrat-NC, District 12) -- Nay
Henry Waxman (Democrat-Ca, District 30) -- Nay
anthony Weiner (Democrat-NY, District 9) -- Nay
Peter Welch (Democrat-VT, District 0) -- Nay
Frederica Wilson (Democrat-FL, District 17) -- Nay
Rob Woodall (Republican-Ga, District 7) -- Nay
David Wu (Democrat-OR, District 1) -- Nay
Donald Young (Republican-aK, District 0) -- Nay 
Dale Kildee (Democrat-MI, District 5) -- Nay
Jack Kingston (Republican-Ga, District 1) -- Nay
Dennis Kucinich (Democrat-OH, District 10) -- Nay
Raœl Labrador (Republican-ID, District 1) -- Nay
Rick Larsen (Democrat-Wa, District 2) -- Nay
John Larson (Democrat-CT, District 1) -- Nay
Barbara Lee (Democrat-Ca, District 9) -- Nay
John Lewis (Democrat-Ga, District 5) -- Nay
David Loebsack (Democrat-Ia, District 2) -- Nay
Zoe Lofgren (Democrat-Ca, District 16) -- Nay
Ben Lujan (Democrat-NM, District 3) -- Nay
Connie Mack (Republican-FL, District 14) -- Nay
Carolyn Maloney (Democrat-NY, District 14) -- Nay
Kenny Marchant (Republican-TX, District 24) -- Nay
Thomas Marino (Republican-Pa, District 10) -- Nay
Edward Markey (Democrat-Ma, District 7) -- Nay
Doris Matsui (Democrat-Ca, District 5) -- Nay

Not Voting On Extending abusive Patriot act Powers: Karen Bass (Democrat-Ca, District 33) — Not Voting
Shelley Berkley (Democrat-NV, District 1) — From Yea To Not Voting Dan Burton (Republican-IN, District 5) — Not Voting
Hansen Clarke (Democrat-MI, District 13) — Not Voting
John Culberson (Republican-TX, District 7) — Not Voting
Barney Frank (Democrat-Ma, District 4) — Not Voting
Gabrielle Giffords (Democrat-aZ, District 8 ) — Not Voting Jane Harman (Democrat-Ca, District 36) — Not Voting
Henry Johnson (Democrat-Ga, District 4) — Not Voting
Bobby Rush (Democrat-IL, District 1) — Not Voting
adam Smith (Democrat-Wa, District 9) — Not Voting
John Tierney (Democrat-Ma, District 6) — Not Voting
Lynn Woolsey (Democrat-Ca, District 6) — Nay Bill Young (Republican-FL, District 10) — Not Voting

Labor Day 2010
September 6, 2010
by Jerry Pippin

Labor Day is an interesting holiday. It ends the summer and it is supposed to honor the working man and his efforts over the decades to have good working conditions and a livable wage. This Labor Day those things to many unemployed seem like something in a Science Fiction novel. We have several thoughts about all of this.

First Reality- It is getting harder and harder to know what is real and what is not. Fact that comes to mind is the Obama announcement that the war is over in Iraq. Yet we still have 50,000 troops, doubled the amount of actual warriors only hired them from security or private army companies. Reality is stretched almost every day by the media, the politicians, the people who sell advertising.
On one hand we are told since there is record unemployment that the Obama Stimulus did nothing, but then again logic tells us we were headed and may still get there, for the Great Depression- the sequel. Personally I think we probably gave the wrong people the stimulus money. Should have use the WPA as a model at least we would have gotten nice parks and monuments and some new buildings with the money and more and better roads maybe? 
Democrats are being told they will lose big-time in November because of the Economy, that Obama spent too much time on health care instead. This could be true. We can debate that later but the point is that Obama and the Democrats should have stepped outside the box and done something really good for the economy and the common man. Here is what I think should have been done.
Housing markets are terrible, banking is over-bloated with bad debts because of con job financing, car business is better but is pretty bad. Why is this the case? Simple reason really, efforts to hold down wages and ship jobs away from our shores, 28 per cent of the jobs in America went over seas during the Bush-Cheney years alone, has pretty well put us on a downward spiral to hell. So what can government do about it?
Lots, I say. In the first place stop giving all the stimulus to corporations and companies. Let's start a government owned and operated insurance company and stop trying to be half private, half government as these things always fail, the US Postal service, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the list can go for a page or two. Let's just opt for a government-financed insurance program that insures every car buyer and every house buyer that if the values continue to fall, they will get a percentage of the loss back. Don't give it to the real estate agent, not the banker, just have it there financed with a fee when you buy a house, a car, any big ticket item that the value will not fall like a rock. It needs fine-tuning this idea but let people invest in bonds ..US government bonds instead of the stock market.  
Oh, the bankers will howl, the insurance companies will moan and the free marketers will groan; but commerce would pick up immediately and strangely like it came upon us, this crisis would leave. To make it work it has to be fair, reasonable and tamper-proof. Everyone taking huge profits for the past three decades is what got us in the mess so we have to be careful not to allow this system to be raped. It can be done, Obama and the Democrats should do it and not try to work with the Republicans who represent the people who did this to us, Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Insurance, Lazy auto makers, on and on. It's an idea to think about this Labor Day, don't you think?     

Deepwater Well Holding but Concern is Growing
by Jerry Pippin

Friday night, 10:00 p.m. CT- 7-17-10) 
Government sources revealed to the Jerry Pippin Show on Friday night, July 16, 2010 that BP is experimenting with a high-energy weapon at a Canadian Military facility where they have several wells. The object is to generate enough heat to fuse the fissures on the Ocean Floor which now everyone admits exists but denied for weeks.  So is the danger over? Evidence shows lower pressure than expected coming out of the well head so the suspect reason, it is escaping thru the cracks in the Gulf floor more than a mile under water. 
Mark McCandlish, known to many for his fine work in investigating and developing technology for the military has been watching and looking at the facts as they become available and he says he thinks the data suggest that, "...oil and gas are escaping into porous strata of bedrock running parallel to the seafloor surface.  There are some indications that the material coming up from 35 thousand feet down not only carries a tremendous volume of poisonous gases, but some degree of radioactivity as well.

Several sources suggest that the upwelling of the seafloor is a precursor to a massive fracturing of the seafloor, forming what might be called an "oil volcano" and the sudden release of 20 cubic miles of Methane, Toluene, Benzene and
Methyl Hydrate.  These gases are heavier than air and will kill you where you stand if you inhale any of it.  

If it erupts to the surface fifty miles offshore, every ship in the area will lose their buoyancy and go straight to the sea bottom.  Thousands will die.  The release of this material, (if it occurs suddenly) will probably start a tsunami, killing thousands more around the Gulf of Mexico.  The plume of gas will then be pushed along by whatever the prevailing winds are.  The plume will kill everything in its path:  plants, insects, microbes in the soil, animals and people.

If by some chance the plume is ignited offshore, it will be the largest Fuel-Air Explosive (FAE) detonation in history and comparable to a low-yield,tactical nuclear weapon.  The blast wave will be strongest depending on where the ignition point is.
If ignited from far offshore, the blast wave will move inland.  Chances are thousands will die in this scenario too.  If the plume remains cohesive and drifts inland, it could kill millions of people."
We strongly point out that this is only a theory by Mark and several others who have been on various radio shows talking about this possible outcome. It is good news that BP has stopped the leak and it is holding so far about half way thru it test period. However there are signs that even with the stopped leak, the damage is major. Recent rainfall in the Southwest from Hurricane Alex is showing a premature dying of crops and plants where the rain fell and Hurricane season is far from over. The dispersant used by BP to break up the oil has been compared to Agent Orange from the Vietnam War days.  Yet surveys seem to show people are supporting "off shore" drilling by a big majority. Where is the disconnect here? We have a break in the oil pouring into the sea, but evidence shows the damage may be far far worse than reported by most major media.

Role Models are Becoming a Rare Breed
by Jerry Pippin

Friday, July 23, 2010 - 3:00 p.m. ET- As a long time listener to NPR's Daniel Schorr over the years I was aware. Aware that the 93-year-old man, still bright and articulate was having good days and bad days. Some days his teeth would click and his words would slur, other days his commentary was as crisp as the October north winds, coming across the radio speaker with visions of a younger Daniel Schorr, as pictured here, back in the glory days of CBS news for Edward Mr. Murrow's fine team of reporters telling of the terror of the night bombings in England, the march across Eastern Europe by Hitler and a reminder that communications have changed but there was something special about those glory days of radio-only reports. The sound of theshort-wave signal fading in and out just added to the mystique of this strange but terrible threat to the US.

I will be 71 in November. Daniel Schorr was a role model for many reasons but one of the main ones was what I figure I will be doing until that day I draw my last breath here on Earth, working on the radio. Radio has changed, I now do it with pictures and it's heard around the world on the Internet, but it is still my first love, radio. We are not going into all of Mr. Schorr's achievements but we have linked to an excellent piece at the end of this article. I suggest you take time to read it and understand where this 93-year-old voice was "coming from" in those NPR commentaries. It is something that modern day journalists seem to have lost: a healthy disrespect for the official press announcement. Yes, there always seems to be "more to the story."
My eternal thanks to NPR for allowing Schorr to continue until days before his death. He had a perspective developed in the cold war as Moscow bureau chief, finally being expelled out of the country, making Nixon's enemies list, and standing firm against a congress who wanted to know his sources. Guts and a sense of what broadcasting is all about, in the news arena, telling it like it is, regardless of the consequences. Schorr once confessed to his son, he did worry about losing those jobs, first with CBS and then later CNN. Why? Because he dared report the truth and not back down. Officially he was never fired, Schorr had a sense of awareness that he should move on and continue to tell the story, a story that is not always pretty about America but one of greed, power and corrupt behavior from the top down and from the bottom up. 
We will miss Daniel Schorr and so will America, whether the brain-dead population these days realizes it or not. I pledge to continue in my little way here on the internet  to "keep on keeping on" with the tradition of Murrow, Schorr and others. 

CLICK HERE for NPR's biography of Schorr


The New Fraud- Buy the Media

by Jerry Pippin
Noon- June 16, 2010- We have seen this done before; however, to me it is unsettling even though I figured this would happen. Once again we in the media and I am a leader in the belief it should be advertiser supported are seeing the abusive use of greed and skill combined at the expense of the public. British Petroleum which has not been a major advertiser suddenly is a player. On Hitler's Birthday, April 20, we all known what happened 42 miles off the shore from Venice, La. An incident that as I write this has amounted to almost three million barrels of crude oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico from a blow out at Deepwater Horizon's state-of-the-art drilling rig which had punched a hole several miles down into the pool of oil and gas that contained so much pressure per square inch their lower-priced decision to use a certain blow out protector became fatal, to men working the right, the fish and animals around the rig and perhaps to the human race before it is over.
I mention Hitler's birthday because he is the symbol of what good advertising campaigns can do. Most historians agree the controlled media of Germany in the 30s was probably more responsible for World War II than any other single thing Hitler did. For years now we have seen news programs filled with advertising from Big Pharma, why, because people who watch news need more medicine? No it is obvious as a veteran of the media for 50 years, we in the media can't turn down an easy buck. We laugh and go to the country club and enjoy our steak and fine wine using the dollars that in the back of our mind we know we didn't earn. Simply put we are "bought and paid for"... When you are making stacks of cash it is pretty hard to get motivated to go after the guy who is handing it over to you with a smile.
Now we see it used more blatantly than ever by British Petroleum. Take a look at the information from Media Monitors about BP's most recent buying habits and ask your question, "How did advertising jump from getting products more business to spinning deceit and fraudulent visions of the advertiser?"
Final thought and then soak up the information below and weigh it against the common good of mankind. Do you really think these companies are trying to increase market share or just blatantly bribing the news coverage they get. All of the problems or at least almost all of them I place squarely on the shoulders of media, we have not reported the facts for years because of market influences. I am not getting any BP money and probably won't and even if offered  would not accept the buy. This is why I have been an independent broadcaster on the Internet for ten years, long ago I decided there must be more to life than making a buck at the expense of my fellow man.
Media Monitors has been tracking BP's use of commercials to spin its message during the GULF oil spill, and radio leads TV and cable in the number of spots BP has run.  Since APRIL 20th, 5581 BP spots have run on radio, versus 3288 on TV and 4356 on cable.

Week 1 saw the most action, with the most recent week picking up the pace again after a fairly light schedule in MAY.

BP               Radio      TV      Cable      3 Media Total 
4/20-4/26   2934        799     991          4724 
4/27-5/03        15            1          6               22 
5/04-5/10        92            1          3               96 
5/11-5/17          9             1         1               11 
5/18-5/24        77             1         4               82 
5/hot://      555             1         0             556 
6/01-6/07      440      1020  1712           3172 
6/08-6/14    1459      1464  1639           4562

Grand Total 5581     3288  4356         13225



President Bill Clinton and the Right Wing
by Jerry Pippin

(April 22, 2010)  I first became aware of the fact that Bill Clinton was going to be in Oklahoma City from an unlikely source, two mature business women I know ran across me at the drug store and they were giddy as teenagers.  They were scheduled for a business meeting in Oklahoma City at the very posh Skirwin Hotel and they had just found out President Bill Clinton was going to be in the same hotel. One of them opened her jacket and did a little dance and said, "Bill, Billy here I am baby.."

I tell this story to make a point. Reading the conservative-dominated newspaper coverage and talk shows as well as phony news magazines who pretend to be news but actually are there for purposes that Pravda would have been proud to endorse in reverse, different message, same techniques, the big lie about Bill Clinton continues years after his service to his country. If you listen to these hack jobs, you would think the country was up in arms over the sexual encounter revealed about Clinton with a lady named Monica. I have always felt the general population was more or less ho-hum about it all. The point of this column is that there is reality disconnect here between the general population, the polls (questionable again) the press, the non stop yak from the Right.
You have to hand it to Clinton, he has never feared to go into the Lion's Den and this week he went into the reddest of the red states, Oklahoma,and he went to the location of his most single disaster in my opinion when he was President, that was the OKC bombing. He handled it well at the time and as you know I firmly believe as in 9-11 we did not get the real story. But the conservative press of America did not give us the real story on Waco either. Waco was the reason for the OKC bombing? Perhaps it was one of the reasons. For sure the government did not do well here, murder of innocent children in order to save them. 
A little fact-checking does show that Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno did one thing that was very wrong. They took the word of the people who set up the situation in the first place and never questioned why it was happening. Remember Clinton gets the blame here because he was the President, but he was not the President when it started. The first President Bush was still in office. One might even question observing the tactics of the Bush clan if this was part of a set up to show those liberal SOBs..its not a cake walk. Why would I make such a claim, well ask Ross Perot and if you catch him at a candid moment he might tell you why I write such stuff. 
Contrary to conventional thinking, feelings are still raw over the OKC bombing incident. Clinton knew that and chose to address extremist activity. Then the extremists such as Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh started yelling, not actually the facts but they never really do get very factual other than the other day I did hear Beck admit why he doesn't like Obama: he is paying 60 per cent of his income in taxes. Of course he was doing the same with Bush the son, but as I say these guys never let the facts get in their way and this time they are saying Clinton wants to muzzle dissent and he wants to shut down the tea party. But this is not what Clinton said at all.
As Media Matters noted, hate radio host Rush Limbaugh also, "...responded by unleashing a torrent of incendiary rhetoric" and blamed Clinton for the Oklahoma City bombing. If any of these pundits had bothered to actually listen to Clinton's speech before condemning him, they would have heard him say: "This 'tea party" movement can be a healthy thing if they're making us justify every penny of taxes we raised and every dollar of public money we spend."

They would have also heard Clinton repeatedly stress the importance of free speech and maintaining a "raging debate," saying, "criticism is part of the lifeblood of democracy. Nobody's right all the time." Clinton argued that we have "the longest-lasting democracy in human history" because "there is so much free speech." But, he added that "a bright line" must be maintained to prevent encouraging people from "taking the law into their own hands in a violent manner."

Clinton's point was that there are "deeply, deeply troubled" people who might misinterpret incendiary rhetoric and act violently on it. "For 99 percent of [right-wing talk radio listeners], it was just that: turn on the radio, listen to somebody say something you agree with, vent your anger, go on with your life." "99 percent of them will never do anything they shouldn't do," he said.

Clinton foreshadowed the right wing's response in his speech. He expressed hope that people wouldn't "turn everything into politics," but added, "I guess that's naοve."

Democrats - There are Traitors in our Midst
by Jerry Pippin

Midnight came and Sunday is history in more ways than one. After decades of Democratic Presidential efforts, President Barack Obama once again made history tonight. He is the first African American President and now he has scored a mission impossible even though many of us think at least parts of it are flawed because of his insistence on working with Republicans, over 200 GOP ideas are in the house bill, yet not a singled Republican voted for the bill. Strange? No it's Washington politics as known today. 
For those of us on the liberal side we are hoping for the best. Medicare for all would have been better in our opinion, the public option as it was known, what a great idea to pass regulation and just use the free market system.  It was not to be. Let's see how this works out and I personally am hoping for the best. Now to the politics of health care: these Democrats are on the endangered species as far as I am concerned. Despite the establishment's wishes to the contrary we are going to be pushing for Democratic challengers to these seats:

House Democrats Who Voted Against the Health Care Bill:

The following Democrats voted against the House's effort to pass the Senate health care bill: Adler, Altmire, Arcuri, Barrow, Berry, Boren, Boucher, Bright, Chandler, Childers, A.Davis, L.Davis, C.Edwards, Herseth Sandlin, Holden, Kissell, Kratovil, Lipinski, Lynch, Marshall, Matheson, McIntyre, McMahon, Melancon, Minnick, Nye, Peterson, Ross, Shuler, Skelton, Space, Tanner, Taylor, Teague

The Liberal Press, An Urban Legend
by Jerry Pippin

(March 11, 2010) - I opened my emails and lo and behold there was this joke below. It's not a new joke and it makes a point that is not true, but it plays well to the public who have been brain washed for years, actually decades, about the liberal press. The editorial politics of this web site is liberal, and there are others, but we are in the minority and really an exception, not the rule. Read the joke and then my comments after it, it is truly food for thought. 

THE JOKE: A Harley biker is riding by the zoo in Washington , DC when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents. The biker jumps off his Harley, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch. Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the biker brings her to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly. A reporter has watched the whole event. The reporter addressing the Harley rider says, 'Sir, this was the most gallant and brave thing I've seen a man do in my whole life.' The Harley rider replies, 'Why, it was nothing, really, the lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger and acted as I felt right.' The reporter says, 'Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed. I'm a journalist, you know, and tomorrow's paper will have this story on the front page... So, what do you do for a living and what political affiliation do you have?' The biker replies, 'I'm a U.S. Marine and a Republican.' The journalist leaves. The following morning the biker buys the paper to see if it indeed brings news of his actions, and reads, on the front page: U.S. MARINE ASSAULTS AFRICAN IMMIGRANT AND STEALS HIS LUNCH

AND THE PUNCH LINE: That pretty much sums up the media's approach to the news these days.

And my reality check: This is a funny story and I have seen it before...however it is science fiction, there are few liberals in journalism. This is a fiction started back in the Barry Goldwater days and has been used by conservatives for decades, the liberal press. The press is owned and operated by businessmen and they sell advertising to businesses, all five of the biggest are strongly conservative and approach facism in their dogma. How and why people buy into the idea of the liberal press is beyond me. I have worked in the media for over 50 years and I don't think I ever had one boss that voted Democrat or was liberal by any stretch of the imagination. Now I am liberal but it has taken all of my "charm and wits" to keep my jobs over the years, newspapers especially do not like investigations that gore their own, in other words, the advertisers. They are very reluctant to bite the hand that feeds them.

From Jane Swartley, Producer-Jerry Pippin Show: 
What you say is true but the joke makes a good point, I think we agree on that.
Not you, but the Press in general is disturbingly inaccurate at times.  I remember listening to the OJ trial every day (Every Single Day) and then in the evening hearing the main stream press describe the day's court proceedings and they must have been watching a different trial.  They were simply wrong.  And the evening news is all a lot of people got from that event.
Jane, I agree with you on the OJ trial and much of the coverage, but I think that makes my point, it is not liberal and when we examine political stories the obvious is there especially when it comes to the health care debate. Our web site's editorial policy is liberal but we still report facts regardless of our personal beliefs, we always have, maybe that is how I kept my jobs over the years.

Olympic Epic Opens and in DC...
Obama Reverses Course
by Jerry Pippin 

Friday night, February 12, most people were watching the Olympic Grandeur on their TV but they should have been watching the White House as it publicly admitted it was going to just do away with another one of the rights of passage for American Citizens when it said in a terse announcement that they were considering allowing the Intelligence community a thumbs up or thumbs down on each case where someone is arrested. Some will get Miranda rights but most probably will not? This seems like a story that should have come out of the Kremlin in the 1950s Stalin area instead of out of the Obama White House where change was the mantra and most of us thought that meant a change from the eight years of Bush-Cheney pseudo dictatorship.

I thought I would never feel this way about OBAMA. His silly beliefs in the nazi terrorist conspiracy people's claims about terrorist threats has reached an all time level of destruction of Constitutional rights. I weep. Why? Because the basis of this fear of terrorism has reached an all time level of dumbness. These terrorists have no Army, No Navy, No Air Force and no National Capital yet our leaders are allowing us to spend more money than we did to fight real wars.

Not only is the Patriot Act alive and well but it is going to be enforced in a much more stringent way than even Bush and Cheney dared to do. These guys, Eric Holder and Barack Obama need to stop with the mixed signals, either they are going to get back to American's rights of passage and the pursuit of happiness or they are going to be come more fascist than Bush-Cheney which I personally never thought could be done. Is it possible that Change in Obama's eyes is even drifting further away from principles of justice?

I do hope this is just incompetence of leaders coming into the DC scene and not recognizing how corrupt the ideas of Justice for all has become with the powers that be, it would be very sad indeed if this were an intellectually reasoned out approach to Justice. If it is the latter, then the terrorists did indeed win on 9-11 taking away from Lady Liberty her ideals and hopes and dreams of the American people for equal opportunity under the law. The terrorists, who I believe are about 100 black operatives working for a shadow government intent on looting the American Treasury in the name of security, defense and for personal gain, did indeed win a movement that has forever changed America and sent it on a downward spiral of self defeat.

As we approach a new Spring after a very harsh winter, let's hope that the sun shines bright and exposes the deep dark horrible secrets of the ruling class that held forth for the first decade of the 21st Century.

Bad Week For Democracy 
by Jerry Pippin 

Three things happened within a span of 72 hours or less. In today's cyberspace age that is not unusual, that events seem to be piled upon each other, but this was an especially bad week and I am hard pressed to put them in the proper order of which is the most devastating to Lady Liberty and the American Dream. I guess it would have to be today's Supreme court ruling laying aside any rights for government to police spending in election campaigns. This one dovetails with my number two bad week listing, but more about that in a moment. Let's talk about the effects of today's 5-4 Supreme Court decision.

Basically it is saying that corporations are people and therefore they can be controlled as people can in the US by the Constitution. Now on the face of that ruling, it does not seem so bad. But one of the basic problems with American Business today in my opinion is exactly that premise. Corporations are treated as a person in the eyes of the law. Think about this for a moment, we all in business have hidden behind the corporate shield of protection and on the face of it that is good but there is the law of unintended consequences. Simply put, when a corporation breaks the law what does law enforcement and courts do, they don't jail anyone they simply fine them and what does the corporation do, it does what it does naturally, passes those costs on to the consumer so where is the pressure to stop wrong doing by a corporation? Simply put, there is none.

Now let's simply go to what is wrong with American Politics today. It takes money to win an election and in today's multi media world, it takes big bucks. So what do politicians do, they naturally rule in favor of those who are giving them the big bucks to win elections. Everyone knows this is the problem in American Politics. Do you know any candidate that is poor? None or damn few for sure are poor or even just moderately middle income. So what does logic tell you, it tells you simply that a rich man or woman will rule in favor of their status and why not?

How did political campaigns get so expensive? A simple answer everyone knows but it needs to be repeated. The media no longer has dictates on rates charged to political candidates. In our business, broadcasting, we sell what is avails, it means simply that a spot on 60 Minutes is many times more than a spot on the Jerry Pippin Show.  Why? Because of the audience and availability. So when I first started in broadcasting there was a rule that politicians got the lowest rate you had charged over the previous year, but that meant we could put those commercials in unsold positions and politicians wanted that spot in 60 Minutes, not on some late late or early or mid day show time. So they did away with that requirement to the cheers of the media folks, that meant, we could charge whatever we wanted, what the traffic would bear for a political spot. Politician program, forget it, we could charge triple or more what we normally got for an info commercial. Same things applied to newspapers and magazines and billboards, position or avails was the way to sell advertising. I do it every day. It creates a higher price, a bigger value for the slot.

So today's Supreme Court ruling simply created dreams of dollar signs in the eyes of the media. Smiles for politicians in key states on key issues involving money such as health care and for the corporate boys, man what a gift, now we can just buy anybody we want, no legal restrictions and when you put a lot of money behind a candidate you are in effect buying that vote. Now let's dove tail this into set back number two for today:

Air America shut down. No chapter 11 bankruptcy here, they just simply could not afford to continue to operate. Why? Its a downturn market for advertising, no one has been doing any business for sometime and those potential advertisers for progressive talk shows was pretty slim anyway. Those guys and gals in front of that microphone were talking about the evils of privatization in government, that turned off a huge number of potential clients, they were talking about Medicare for all instead of payments to health insurance companies and insurance agents, so that group is not going to advertise, and on and on. So no wonder these liberals can't make a station run, who are they going to sell their advertising to?

There is an exception to this previous paragraph, MSNBC has turned to the left and they are getting higher ratings than ever and selling some ads to boot, but wait: Cable TV has not been captured completely by what happened to talk radio. Simply put, with 50 or more radio stations to choose from almost anywhere in the country, conservative talk radio fell into good times. How and why? Simply because 30 per of the total audience is probably conservative or very conservative, and if you can get a third of that audience you have 10 per cent of the listeners and figure it out, if you have 50 stations 2 per cent would be average audience, so you have five times the audience of the hip-hop guy. MSNBC captured a middle of the road audience because even though Fox has gained the reputation as the network of record for conservatives, not everyone in TV audiences had become polarized, so they jagged to left just in time.

Now we get to the third reason it was a bad week for the American Dream of Democracy and that was the Massachusetts election. Health Care has been the mantra for the Obama landslide and we have watched him give away the store to the status quo of for-pay hospitals, insurance companies and the like. We could feel what was going to happen in Massachusetts. It was the way politics works. You have a liberal Senator like Ted Kennedy pushing for universal health care all his life and he dies. The seat is open and a guy who says he doesn't think the federal government belongs in health care is elected. Why? Only 6 per cent of the voters according to a recognized poll thought health care was a big issue where it runs anywhere from 60 to 80 per cent nationally. It is pretty simple if you think about it. Massachusetts has mandated universal health care already, so naturally it wasn't a big deal.

But is a very big deal and once again we get to why? Because those out-of-touch well today rich men and women we put in office have gotten the wrong idea. Instead of doing what is right and giving Medicare to everyone, it has worked wonderfully well for 40 years, what more of a lesson in success do you need? Those thunderheads in Washington think they have to let the status quo let thousands die every month because they have no medial help win even more concessions. In fact, Speaker Pelosi today hinted that it may be over for health care..oh,the other thing they did wrong is they gave into the Republicans on the name of the issue, it's not health care, we are talking about insurance and medical reform.

So this is why I say it was a devastating week for the People, the common man as they say. Why? Well when corporations and big business can make the laws, force the enforcers to do it they want, then the common guy has lost the battle. We are entering into a new business model here in America. It was tried before, we fought a war against it and now we are doing it. When corporations and government collude to run a country, it is called Fascism and we have it. I have always thought the American dream would overcome all adversity, but now I am not so sure. The 21st Century is looking like a not so brave new world after all.

Scrooge Forces in Broadcasting This Year 

(Monday, December 21, 2009) December 21 is the longest night of the year and it certainly is for some major broadcast groups. This Monday before Christmas comes word that Clear Channel credit is being downgraded once again and creditors are demanding a takeover of that company, Citadel Media started Monday morning off with a bankruptcy judge in control even though it is apparent this company was sold a turkey in the form of ABC radio networks by the Disney Corporation, the management is continuing an agreement to use leftovers from ABC and ESPN as their main diet.

As morning light hit Wall Street today another broadcast group, Next Media also filed for bankruptcy. We have long since bailed out of the convention terrestrial broadcast business opting for the Internet; but this implosion of broadcast stocks and properties is not good for us either. Fortunately the Jerry Pippin efforts are different from these huge companies, we owe no one anything, literally. Broadcasters have been living in a dream world of believing their pumped up stock portfolios were golden only to find out that the age of using "other people's money" was about to come to a reality based result...too much debt, too many promises of riches at the end of the day.

Don't get the idea that things are wonderful on the business front for advertiser-supported independent broadcasters such as us; it is not. During the last year of the Bush administration we saw our revenues dry up almost completely. No one seemed to have any money or if they did they certainly were not spending it on advertising. As the first year of the Obama administration comes to a halt, our year has not been much better.

So on our Christmas wish list is not a big financial deal, not even a big loan, all we are wishing and hoping simply more advertisers supporting what we do. Now you listeners and visitors don't be alarmed. We don't intend to fill up our programming with ads like some of these shows, we have a plan and we are sticking with it. Limited commercials for each show, three or four per hour at the maximum and we are working on a model of sponsorships as well that will feature even less but more effective advertising.

Our future is bright and our plans include lots of video production for the coming year as well as more radio programming. 2008 and 2009 saw a reduction in people working on our projects just at a time when we had more needs than ever; as a result we have been working long hours and few days off for some time. We intend to keep this schedule and when business picks up or looks like it is going to pick up, we will be adding other producers to help us get more hours out on the net each week. Thanks for your support and a Merry Christmas to all and to all we hope a good night is a new program every day.

Oh, by the way, a good present for 2010 would be a cracker-jack advertising person or an ad agency who understands the advantage of our marketing ..billboards on the Internet Highway that keep on giving and giving because everything is there on demand for the visitor/listener at their convenience to listen and to enjoy.

Lou Dobbs - Hero, or Just Another Rabble Rouser?
by Jerry Pippin

 A lot of us inside the broadcast business have been watching with great interest the evolution of Lou Dobbs, business commentator, to Lou Dobbs broadcast executive, he was in charge of CNN business for years, to a sudden departure from the network for a surprising position at Most of us had never known Dobbs to be particularly interested in those subjects, but he did a fine job there and then came back to CNN with a prime-time early evening show which moved from Lou Dobbs, moderate Republican, to Lou Dobbs seemingly open to the Obama change in the ship of state

  course to suddenly jumping on and staying with the issue of being a birther.

Birthers is a term used to describe those who firmly believe that President Obama is not a natural born citizen of the US. I have a couple of thoughts about this, first when we used to report on it in the campaign, the Obama supporters would come after me tooth and nail, even though I certainly was not endorsing the idea. Personally I have not seen any evidence that the President was not born in Hawaii, but the bigger issue is pretty simple, if he wasn't, so what? Are you telling me that a land slide election for a man could be overturned by a technically? Lou Dobbs and others certainly seemed to be pushing that idea.

There are quite a few issues I don't agree personally with Dobbs naturally, but by and large, he seemed to be over the years a rational, fair reporter who did his best to put forward solid evidence and view points. He seemed to have lost some of that objectivity on the issue of Obama lately as well as his fierce attacks on immigration policy. These issues rang true to many citizens even though I saw two problems with Dobbs and his unrelenting pursuit of these two issues.

Problem one: Personally I don't agree with this idea that we need to keep our borders like a fortress surrounding the Queen. To me there is something basically wrong with protecting turf that we had done nothing or little to control. No man or woman can control where they were born, what religion their environment wrought upon them or the color of their skin. Secondly it seems to me that the policy of America with its open arms to the world has gained much from these immigrants over our history. But I know many who disagree with me on this and Dobbs was one of those.

Problem number two was the greater problem and this is not the first time CNN had made that mistake - nor other broadcast groups. If you are a news organization should you really present people in a news show who are pushing ideals instead of facts? CNN did this once before when Glen Beck was on their headline news channel. I often wonder how much real damage Beck did to the CNN name and damage to journalism in general.

When Dobbs started doing talk radio, a medium I used to be involved in on a day-to-day basis, I could see this day coming. Talk Radio's format was a great idea and over the years I have been a fan and a participant; however, the nature of changing times changed the animal called talk radio. AM stations were losing audience because of the nature of the technical aspects of the medium and suddenly radio station managers realized that in a 50 station environment, those days of having 25 or 30 per cent or even at one I had almost 50 per cent of a local audience, those days were long gone. An equal share of 50 stations is 2 per cent of the audience. Consultants and hip managers realized that the right wing was about 20 per cent of the audience as a whole, potential audience, I should say. But what if you had a bunch of talk show hosts who preached to the choir, it seemed logical you get 10 per cent of the total audience.

So the talk radio genre gradually moved to the right and audiences sometimes were 13 or even 15 percent of the total audience and easily the station that had the Rush Limbaugh types would become number one because of the nature of the beast; that is modern radio. The Tom Snyders, Larry Kings and the Jerry Pippin's would lose out. In fact not just with my shows but I remember the anger and shock of audiences when stations put Larry King into the mix with the Rush Limbaughs. I still remember the disbelief of listeners on my network shows calling from stations that had a steady diet of diatribes of ideals and none of them very moderate.

I saw the writing on the wall, and mainly concentrated on entertainment programming for a while from Las Vegas and then decided to take advantage of the new media (Internet) and took a six-hour show online from a small station in my home town, Muskogee on KBIX. Those shows were killers in many ways, hard work for sure, but some of the hours were jewels and I have Bryant Ellis, a strong right-wing conservative, who owned KBIX to thank for leaving me alone with my show allowing me to pursue different ideas and recreate some radio styles of old. I was truly a liberal in a land of reactionaries but somehow it worked. I started that 10 years ago and I wonder if it would work today. These days we seem to be much more intolerant of any views other than our own.

And this gets us back to Lou Dobbs. Problem number 2 was that his platform was a news network. We all wondered how long it could last. Lou Dobbs may still end up on Fox, but I doubt it. Fox is the one news network that seems to delight in preaching fair and balanced while being the most unfair and unbalanced news source out there; however here again the magic of too many signals ends up helping Fox be successful. The same theory that made conservative talk radio a hit has worked for cable news and Fox, 20 per cent or more of the audience wants to hear what they are saying.

Lou Dobbs left in style. I hope you can take time to look at the video of his swan song on CNN. Will he become a third party icon like Ross Perot almost 20 years ago? He might. We wish him luck and despite what I think of him on some issues, over all I think he is a good man reflecting an honest heart felt hypothesis of where America should go and that in its own right is refreshing.

Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu says she will vote "yes."  
Christmas Presents
by Jerry Pippin

(November 10, 2009)  This Year Could be the year of the best gift ever, a give of life itself. However for the millions without health care insurance in the US, it might be a case of the "Grinch " who stole Christmas. Senator Harry Reid said this morning he thought he could get a bill out on the Senate floor by Thanksgiving and voted up or down by Christmas. Don't underestimate the difficulty of Reid being able to do this. President Bill Clinton was in the halls of Congress today pushing for passage of the health care billunder President Obama, something he tried but couldn't get done in his

Presidency. What is so difficult about deciding that 4,000 Americans who die each month should live?

The word that is the answer is a word of holy worship in a capitalist society, that word is MONEY. Our present system has evolved from a small part of the economy just 60 years ago to a large part of the economy now. Let's put that in layman's terms, today lots of people make lots of money in the health care system with not only treatment, but manufacturing of medical equipment, drugs, facilities being built, etc. etc. In other words, making money off the illness and unfortunate accidents of fellow humans has become big business in America. 
Anh "Joseph" Cao, a congress person from Louisiana. 39 Democrats voted against it, mostly from the South and in Red States like my Congressman, Dan Boren, who pretends to be a Democrat in Oklahoma. He had a good teacher, his father former Senator David Boren, who voted with the Republicans routinely as well. This father has taken the Republican ideals and moved them to the University of Oklahoma where he has turned it into a shopping mall of commerce with ads all over the place for products in the guise of donations.  

It is interesting to note that a Democrat from the same state as Cao is the focus of a lot of attention, Senator Mary Landrieu, said the public option was popular because everyone thought they would get free health care and she said it like it was pornography or hate mail. We spent two trillions, plus, on the war, take your time and find this country as a group, what about just taking the war money and giving everyone health care? Great idea but that is not what the Obama plan is doing at all. It is not socialized medicine by any stretch of the imagination.  All he is doing is saying let's stop the manslaughter of neglect, allowing 4,000 to die each month because of no health care.

I am inclined go call it what it is.  MURDER BY NEGLECT or by a wink and a nod. Surely America is a better place than this situation we have now? Those who are making their living off the misery of the sick and injured, highly paid insurance executives, cooperative health plan executives, hospital-for-pay executives, maybe they should find another line of work?"

 The best way to put this in perspective is the vote in the House on Saturday Night - Only one Republican voted with the Democrats, 


9-11, Symptoms of Fear Promoted by Money Interests 
by Jerry Pippin

(1:00 p.m. Central time - September 6, 2009) - Van Jones is a casualty of war. Let no one doubt it. The health cartel, the security scammers, and the secret budget benefactors have won a huge battle - but maybe not, the battle is lost but the war might still be won. Let's see how the health care battle goes, but rest assured these people think they are winning, the Glen Beck crowd should feel good. Look what is happening at health care town halls, logic left at the door, and people yelling about "get government out of my health care" while most of the vocalists are benefiting from VA, Medicare and other programs that help them but help the "for profit" health business even more.

The brown shirts have been lifted to high esteem by the right wing talking traitors of the media. Limbaugh, Beck and other dupes of the "cons" who steal millions from programs meant to do good, but have been turned into profit centers for the connected. It is truly dismaying and sickening to see what is happening right before our eyes. It's as if the Carnival barkers are now the chosen elite who flex their abilities to motivate millions to protest programs only designed to help them.

9-11, a number we call for help, turned into a symbol of fear to the general population and now the health industry is using it as some sort of bludgeon to our common sense. The sad fact is that the American people never got the real truth from any of these commissions we have had in this country and especially the 9-11 Commission who only heard witness testimony from government employees and no one else..

Why does the media put up with it? I honestly don't know. We will continue to do 9-11 shows because it is so obvious that the tall man on the camel 8 years ago didn't have much if anything to do with 9-11 yet our President buys into the fiction of the attacks. Don't you think the world's greatest Army could find him in 8 years if he were really around?

I am a member of the media and I don't put up with it, but most move on like buzzards at a road kill party. The madness is rampant, no one is accountable, evidently. We will continue to try to tell the truth as we know it and try to know it better, but why do I doubt other members of my brethren in the media are not pursuing truth and justice for all?

Take a look at the names on this list that Jones signed wanting a Congressional investigation? A wide range of political views. There is something "rotten in Denmark" is an old term and we want to rephrase it to "rotten in DC." The politicians give far, far too much credit and fear to right wing mongrels of journalism, what President Obama needs is a set of balls. A man can't keep his job in Washington because he had the nerve to ask for a Congressional Investigation? What have we become in this country when questioning is akin to being unpatriotic?

For list of signers of the 9-11 commission go here: (
For our 9-11 radio series including a new one to be released this week, 
go here: (
Rob Kall's column about the Jones firing, 
go here: (

Response from Jim Marrs
September 06, 2009 1:07 PM

Howdy Jerry,

As you know Van Jones has just resigned as Hussein Obama's "Green Czar." Democratic defenders like Howard Dean defended Mr. Jones on Sunday, saying he was being penalized for not realizing what the petition was. What petition? A petition claiming the US Govt. was behind 9/11. Naturally, we can't have the public thinking in those terms, so Jones had to go and Dean has to say, "And he [Jones] learned the hard way you ought not to do that. But I don’t think he really thinks the government had anything to do with causing 9-11.” And the media downplays that angle.

The key issue today in 9/11 is in hard scientific proof of an inside job. Like you, I am continually asked, "Where's the evidence?" The evidence is now available but the total silence by the corporate mass media is deafening. I refer, of course, to the discovery of Thermite in debris samples from the WTC. If I was a news editor and I saw the release stating that the presence of this controlled-demolition compound was verified in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, I would immediately write a headline like this "Military-type Explosive Residue Found in World Trade Center Debris."

But, instead, the great American dumbed-down public gets not a word. Jerry, this proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the US corporate mass media is under total control and is not operating in the best interests of the truth or the public.

Best regards, 

He Was Like a Member of the Family
by Jerry Pippin

(Walter Cronkite-1916-2009 Midnight Eastern-into Saturday, July 18, 2009 - It has been just about five hours since Walter Cronkite took his last breath in his bed in his home in New York. We (the news media) had been told by his son Chip that the time was drawing near for the passing of the icon of CBS news. We have written many words in the past about our love affair with this news organization and its father figure Edward R. Murrow, but Mr. Cronkite was definitely up there with Murrow. As in the photo with this tribute, Cronkite was around CBS TV from the beginning but most don't realize that he didn't start the anchor job at CBS TV until 1962. And as frequently the case in broadcasting, executives weren't always thrilled with him as hindsight seems to indicate; in fact, by the political conventions time in 1964 CBS executives had already ditched Cronkite as the anchor for coverage.

CBS news was being challenged hard in the early 60s by NBC. NBC radio had come up with an innovation a few years earlier that had captured the imagination of news junkies, an hourly news cast every hour on top of the hour. Some of the top 40 stations had pioneered this concept with news alive at 55, every hour but the news on the hour caught on with the public and the networks and soon they were all doing it. Television news had progressed from the John Cameron Swayzie 15 minute news reel approach and NBC had come up with Huntley-Brinkley and CBS, used to being first in the news business was suddenly challenged and challenged hard.

I had dreams of being in one of those news departments and NBC had stolen my affection and in 1964 I got a job as a "gofer" with NBC news when they covered the GOP convention at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Huntley-Brinkley stole the show that year but CBS helped, they took Walter out of the anchor seat and gave it to Robert Trout, a radio news guy of some note and Roger Mudd, who was whimsical like Brinkley and Walter was relegated to doing commentary. It was a flop and CBS saw the error of their ways and by election night Cronkite was back.

Strangely as pictured in my mind and on this page, Cronkite came to the forefront with the live coverage of the JFK assassination. We all remember that day like was yesterday and I have written about it more than once. No one who was human can ever forget the pathos of Cronkite on camera alone, pausing after a news bulletin interrupted "As The World Turns," taking off his glasses and saying simply into the camera: From Dallas, Texas, the flash apparently official. "President Kennedy died at 1 p.m. Central Standard Time, 2 o'clock Eastern Standard Time, some 38 minutes ago." Cronkite briefly choked up on camera as he took off his reading glasses to check the time.

One of my claims to fame is the fact that I worked at a radio station where Walter Cronkite had one of his first jobs in the times before World War II. He, for a few months, had worked at WKY radio in Oklahoma City, so did I. Interestingly enough Frank McGee, one of the NBC news men killing CBS in the ratings back in 1964 had also worked at WKY.

Forty years almost to the day, Walter Cronkite was on the air and I watched him with my friend Jerry Wilhite from our desert apartment near Edwards Air Force Base on a hot July night in 1969 when man walked on the moon. Walter was like that, he was the messenger in the turbulent 60s, he is the man credited with turning the public opinion against the war in Vietnam more for the reality of TV showing the blood and guts horror of war than anything else; but it was a turning point. President Lyndon Johnson once said to the effect when we lost Cronkite's support, we lost middle America.

The question for many is, was Cronkite the reason TV changed the world or did the world use TV and Cronkite? Journalism professors and news consultants will argue this point for ever I am sure. 92 years of change, probably none of us will live in a more changing time than he did. Born a decade plus before radio became the norm, a print journalist with United Press International, then into reporting from Europe as a war correspondent , then a new age coming, television, and Walter was there for that as well. If his health had not gotten the best or the worst of him, I am sure he would be like me an old warrior pushing the envelope with digital media. As it was, he did write columns on the internet for the Huffington Post. One wonders what might have been, if only, his health had lasted.

Cronkite had to retire in 1981 after leading the news derby over ABC and NBC from 1967 to 1981, it took him five years to get on top from his first evening broadcast but when he became the "king of the hill" he remained on top for 14 years, an eternity in television. That forced retirement speaks volumes too, it is hard to believe that companies demanded their employees leave at 65, what a waste of talent and experience, but that is another story.

The spirit of Cronkite lives on in the hearts of many newsmen including this one and even though time is taking a toll on all of us, hope for a younger generation to be inspired to model themselves after journalists like Walter Cronkite is more than a hope for a profession, I feel it is the great hope for civilization.

CLICK HERE for tribute to Walter Cronkite from CBS news-

Roswell Army Air Hangar 84 where ET bodies and debris were taken

Roswell Revelations
by Jerry Pippin 

The Jerry Pippin Show and the city of Roswell have quite a relationship. It is now approaching its seventh year officially and as all good love affairs go it is growing in intensity and satisfaction with every passing day. Roswell is a magic word in broadcasting, our Internet shows go through the roof in numbers when we do a show from or even just about Roswell. The reason I figure is a simple one, we have been inundated with Roswell stories for decades, really from the first on the hot July evening with the huge Thunderstorms and the mysterious reports of a crash of a "flying disc."

Then in the early 50s after the 1952 peak of UFO news in major media outlets, radio, TV and newspaper, (UFOs were everywhere that year) it died, the government got hold of the story and clamped it down, then a younger Stanton Friedman met Jesse Marcel in Louisiana in 1974 and it started all over again.

The story percolated over the years as things became known about it and there really is no use repeating it here in this column, you can hear all about it on our Roswell programs at always available for free on demand and many other places as well. Countless shows have been done about it, so one wonders why we are involved in the production of a new documentary called "Roswell Revelations." The reason is a simple one, the disclosure movement in the UFO field is reaching a peak and evidence and witnesses are beginning to spill their guts before the funeral director enters the picture. Interestingly enough there is a funeral director involved from the beginning as most of us know, by the name of Glen Dennis. I understand Glen is in a retirement facility in Riodosa, South of Roswell and is not available any more for interviews. We were lucky enough to talk to him and Walter Haut before his death. They were intimately involved with the incident as we all know and they founded the UFO Museum which under the direction of Walter's daughter has seen a recent renovation inside and the place looks pretty damn good these days.

There are three new developments and they are all key along with mounting evidence that there is a nuclear element to the entire Roswell Story. After all the Roswell Army Air Force Base was the only base in the country that flew and dropped the Atomic Bomb, twice. The original A Bomb test was done at nearby White Sands, New Mexico. We all have heard the stories from Air Force Personnel and learned that the same thing happened in Russia in connection with UFOs and Nuclear Weapons. It is pretty clear the ETs don't like these weapons and have more than once shown that they can disarm them at will.

The three new developments are evidence that the memory metal from the UFO is in existence and rumor has it that Don Schmitt and Tom Carey, authors and researches of Roswell information, have a piece of it. Secondly there is a witness, an enlisted man who saw part of the space craft in the bomb bay of a B-29 at the Roswell Base being flown somewhere and third there is a high ranking corporate executive with the Skunk Works, the black ops contractor, who says there were ET bodies and back engineering of technology. Don Phillips, an engineer with them for years, recently told George Filer that even though he never saw the ET bodies or the back-engineering work, he knew and worked with people who did, and he is convinced Roswell happened.

George Newling who is still alive in Roswell, was an enlisted man, and he he told Don Burleson, New Mexico State Director of MUFON, that he saw something that looked like part of a "flying disc" with strange markings on it, in a B -29 flying out of Roswell a couple of months or so later.

Then the memory metal story was actually uncovered by Anthony Bragalia who does excellent detective work. Evidently a Fellow by the name of Elroy John Center who was a senior scientist at Battelle Research Group in Columbus, Ohio, for two decades told several people he had been involved in back-engineering things from the Roswell UFO Crash. It is known that the company got a contract from Wright Patterson in 1948 into 1949 to develop an alloy based on the metal that was very light, but very strong, and would go back to its original shape with heat.

So as our "Roswell Revelations" documentary continues in production, we are working closely with the producers, the father - son team that brought you the Fastwalkers HD documentary which won several awards, Robert and Anthony Miles, to do the consummate Roswell documentary and our hopes are to show to the most skeptical not only that Roswell happened but it has led to many amazing UFO developments that are mind boggling to say the least. I personally feel this will be a case where truth is stranger than fiction. We will continue to reveal developments on our UFO podcast web site,

Torture and the American Life Style 
by Jerry Pippin 

Something has been eating at me, not just for a few days but for a long while now. It's our treatment of prisoners or as they like to call them these days enemy combatants. Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 20) we have a page that will connect from this column- It will be much too nice in my opinion but that is the way of the American story these days, sanitized and removed to a third party. I want you to take a few minutes and look at the page, it is not horrible even though it is about something very horrible, but it is my way of sounding off, standing up and being counted for human rights.

Human rights not against a protest of some far away communist country but against our own beloved country. If we have lost humanity in this so called war against terrorism then what have we won, if we do indeed win which I feel we have or will. I am going to write one more paragraph. Read it and think about it..please.. as a human cry for other humans to behave in a civilized manner.

"I was taking a break today and used the TV clicker for the news shows - as I watched a little of this and little of that, something began to chew at my very existence. There were beautiful people everywhere, dressed well and well manicured and their eyes were sparkling with delight, but what they were saying was not so nice. These well-educated men and women were saying to push psychological terror on prisoners, to cut them with sharp objects, to push them into high levels of pain was okay, because we were just protecting ourselves from the evil doers. How much more evil could we get than what we were doing to fellow human beings? "

CLICK HERE to read The Kings and Queens of Torture. No bad photos, just pictures of people influenced and admired by millions. Come back and visit the link and you will understand my outrage or maybe you won't.