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Richard Lawrence, Britain's leading authority on the paranormal and psychic healer, was interviewed on the Jerry Pippin show many years ago when it was broadcast on KBIX-AM in Muskogee, Oklahoma as well as being streamed on the Internet. Unfortunately, our copy of that interview can not be found. None the less, Richard remains a supporter of our show, and this is our opportunity to support him in his work of helping others to realize themselves. You may contact Richard  by going to his web site,

For information on Richard's latest book, click on the Realise Your Inner Potential Banner above. 

Below is a message from Chrissie Blaze, one of our favorite Para-Zone Show Guests, about this fantastic retreat:

Dear Friends:


As you know, I don’t usually promote events (other than my own!), but I have to tell you about a summer retreat that is taking place next July, 2006, as I think it will be really wonderful.

It is being conducted by my good friend, Dr. Richard Lawrence – who’s a world-class Spiritual teacher and broadcaster, hailed as “Britain’s leading mind-body-spirit expert”. He will be leading a 5-day “Realize Your Inner Potential” Retreat in the Oxon Heath estate in the absolutely gorgeous Kent countryside, in the South of England.

As a regular visitor to England, I know the transatlantic flight over is cheaper and smoother than many domestic flights in the U.S. (and I fly from Los Angeles, California). If you are on the East Coast, particularly, you might want to consider this “double whammy” of spiritual retreat and intense learning.

You will get a taste of the glorious English countryside on a stunning 73-acre estate with a picturesque lake, described by “Top Sante” as a total escape. Believe it or not, you will also experience delicious food (despite what is said about English food, the best English food is absolutely delicious!), marvelous company and glorious walks in the countryside.

But above all, you’ll have a chance to spend five days with Richard, who’s an incredible human being, extremely dedicated to helping people along their spiritual paths. He’s witty, fun as well as being extremely knowledgeable about metaphysics, spirituality, the psychic sciences, mediumship, etc. Not only will you learn a lot in this “Realize Your Inner Potential” workshop with Richard and other guest instructors, but you will receive initiations into sacred mantras; you will be taught developing intuition, pendulum dowsing, psychic touch, kundalini visualizations, power breathing, and much more.

The price for this is 599 Pounds including all food and accommodation in Oxon Heath, Kent (in the South of England). If you book before March 1, there is a 10 percent discount.

If you would like more information about this, please contact Noemi –, or call The Aetherius Society in London (code from the US) – 011 44 207 736 4187. Don’t forget they are 5 hours ahead if you are calling from the East Coast and 8 hours from the West Coast.

I am promoting this to you because I believe it really will be a fabulous experience!


Chrissie Blaze

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