Bob Hope

Intro music: a complete and serious version of Bob Hope's theme song, "Thanks for the Memory," a duet by Bob Hope and Shirley Ross.

Bob Hope reached one hundred years in age on May 28, 2003. Two months later, to the day, Bob was dead. According to a report from his daughter, he died peacefully, without pain and with a smile on his face. Bob was born in England as Leslie Townes Hope, and at one time was a boxer using the name Packy East. I had a chance to see Bob Hope in person in a concert in Tulsa at the downtown Civic Center in the late 60s. His radio and TV shows were legendary, especially when it came to entertaining America's Armed Forces.

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Bob did a weekly show for the Armed Forces Radio Network during World War II in addition to doing countless overseas USO tours. This is a segment from one of those Armed Forces radio shows done sometime between 1943 and 1945.
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